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Using Facebook cover images to promote events

Let’s face it, I think we could all probably count the number of people we know ‘Not on Facebook’ on...

Easter Raffle

Easter raffles are a common fundraising phenomenon in Australian schools and clubs. Here are some tips on how to run them and how to encourage ticket sales.

Lob a Choc

The ‘Lob a Choc’ or ‘Chocolate Toss’ stall is an Australian tradition at fetes and markets and is a definite crowd pleaser. Chocolate always has and always will attract kids (and a lot of adults too!) like a magnet and make you a good profit.

Australian Raffle Rules

What are the Australian Raffle Rules? Let’s take a look! One might think that the common raffle was a simple...

AGM Lucky door prize

It’s AGM season and you may be busy looking for a new executive or trying to boost numbers on your committee. Many parents may even be scampering off into the distance at the very sight of you!

Northern Territory Raffle Rules

Raffle Rules NT Raffles are a time honoured and popular way to raise funds for your favourite cause. The regulations can be...