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Tea Gardens Primary School’s Ruby Anniversary Art and Craft Expo

Tea Gardens Primary School on the Mid-Coast of New South Wales is celebrating the ruby anniversary of their annual arts and crafts expo this weekend. We spoke to one of the organising committee members about the history of the event and what it takes to put an event with such longevity together.

Pictureproducts – celebrating 40 years of fundraising!

In 1977, it started as a home business with the vision of helping school raise funds. Pictureproducts has evolved into a well known and loved fundraising company who are celebrating a special milestone. This year they celebrate 40 years of creating lasting memories in the form of their melamine Pictureplates.

The ‘Colour’ Fun Run Phenomenon

The ‘Colour’ Fun Run Phenomenon If you’re looking to add some colour to your fundraising, we’ve got the solution for...

Case Study: Banana State School

Banana State School’s successful fundraising drives At Banana State School, in central Queensland, the fundraising efforts are spearheaded by their hardworking...

‘Double Benefit’ Fundraising

There is a growing trend for businesses to support sustainability, fair and ethical trade and inclusion. This is not a new concept to Aussie Biscuits. They provide employment opportunities for people with a disability and have been doing so for over 40 years.

Honour Volunteer Poem

‘Freedom’ – a Tribute to a Departing Volunteer by Mandy Weidmann Today we are here to celebrate an end And toast...