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2018 Fundraising Plan Of Attack

The more organised committees around Australia are already starting work on their fundraising plan for 2018.

Run a Car Wash as an Event Extra

Run a car wash fundraiser  With busy schedules and sport filled weekends, finding time to wash the car these days...

Plan the ‘next’ fundraiser – learning from mistakes

The next fundraiser you run, whether it be a gala evening, a spellathon or a fete, adopt the mindset that you are actually planning the subsequent or following fundraiser.

Getting to YES: How to Secure Sponsorship

When most people hear the term ‘sponsorship’ they immediately think of big sporting clubs and the branded

Twilight Market Fundraiser

The phenomenon of twilight markets has nothing to do with sparkly teenage vampires and everything to do with community fundraising!

Fun Bell Friday – a wacky fundraising idea for your school

Fun Bell Friday Fun Bell Friday is a great activity for schools, or sporting clubs that have a common full time...