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Any advice on how to improve communication between P&C’s, teachers and principals?

Here are some reader ideas for improving communication between your P&C, principle and teachers: Set the tone by being really transparent in everything you do, and ask questions to others (staff, etc) to encourage them to do the same.

School Discos – what do you charge and what does that include?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community about this School Discos question: We play limbo, 4 corners, hoola hoop competition, dance off competitions.

Does anyone have paid advertising on their school fence?

Here are some insights from our Facebook community about their experiences with school fence advertising:

What “extras” have been successful at trivia style events?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community about successful trivia night extra activities:

What type of sealed container can you use for a coin drive?

Here are some reader ideas of what type of sealed containers you can use for a coin drive:

Car Boot Sales in Fundraising

10 tips for Car Boot Sales A reader recently wrote in requesting advice on running a car boot sales as fundraisers. Here goes!