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Volunteering Doesn’t Make the World a Better Place – Comment

I would go so far as to say that the writer could not be more wrong. Volunteering is the ONE THING that is guaranteed to make the world a better place.

How do we get volunteers to help on fete day?

Some ideas from our Facebook audience: We set up a roster on which has all the stalls and shifts listed (we...

What are some tips for making our Father’s Day Stall a Success?

See our reader suggestions for how to make your Father's Day Stall a success!

Has anyone done a fundraiser with an online payment facility?

Here are some of our reader responses: We just used GalaBid for our Fete (Silent Auction, Raffles, Ride Passes etc)....

What do you enjoy most about fundraising?

Here is what our readers had to say: Smiles on faces. Whether it be from the kids or the staff when you say here's a cheque to put towards x.

Graduation Gifts and Events for School Leavers

We take a look at heaps of momento and gift ideas as well as event options to help your school leavers celebrate their graduation.