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Class ‘wars’ to boost teacher supplies

Class ‘wars’ to boost teacher supplies We all know that teachers just don’t get paid enough. We also know that teachers...

Birthday cupcakes at tuckshops – is this a good idea?

Here are some reader ideas for tuckshops taking orders for birthday class cupcakes as an extra fundraiser. Great for busy parents and they are supporting the school too.

10 Crazy Games for Fundraising Events

We have scoured the seven kingdoms to bring you our 10 favourite crazy event games you can incorporate into your...

Using Facebook cover images to promote events

Let’s face it, I think we could all probably count the number of people we know ‘Not on Facebook’ on...

Easter Raffle

Easter raffles are a common fundraising phenomenon in Australian schools and clubs. Here are some tips on how to run them and how to encourage ticket sales.